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Solution customization

We customize your solution as you wish in order to improve employee experience and the use of your solution.

  • Developments: we are able to develop specific elements to boost your solution and make it enjoyable for everyone.
  • Connectors library: we provide you with a wide range of partner solutions that are fully pluggable with your environment to meet or prevent your specific needs.
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Too many software within your company? Your employees don’t know how to use them? We help you to unify your environment by connecting all your software in one single integration platform. Thanks to this solution, you will be able to get the most out of your software and provide your employees with a unified and unique experience.

  • Solution & data synchronizing: the integration platform connects both software and data so you can generate cross-platform reports and indicators.
  • Employee engageement: help employees to navigate between solutions easily and increase employee engagements with wellness functionalities.
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Technical integration

We help you with data transformation and data migration that involve while integrating a new solution within your IT environment.

  • Data processing: we extract, customize and upload the data according to your processes and the new solution architecture.
  • Support: we offer you a complete support, pre and post data processing, also including a security layer with data encryption.
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